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The Importance of Seeing the Personal Side of In-Home Care Services

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With an aging population and a generation of young adults struggling to go about their dreams and achieving financial independence, the burdens and responsibilities of middle-aged Americans are increasing largely. These middle-aged adults are now ‘sandwiched’ between aging parents and kids. Living their lives in a triple-treat dilemma, the sandwiched generation aging 40-60 is facing some real-life-adult challenges:

  • Nearly half of this middle-aged population have at least one parent age 65 or older, and either have the responsibility of a minor child or supporting an adult child.
  • 15% of Sandwich adults are liable to provide financial support to a parent age 65 or older.
  • 1 out of every 8 Sandwich adults provides home care services in Maryland for an elderly family member.

The stress of too much domestic burden and responsibility drains life out of these high functioning sandwiched adults. The stack of demands from people dependent on them keeps piling up due to the shortage of time and in-hand resources. While still managing jobs and living their own lives, Sandwich caregivers are the lot that BADLY needs the benefits of senior care’s in-home services and companionship.

Here are few examples of how the personal side of nursing facilities in Maryland eases the lives of Sandwich generation:

Professional caregivers understand the intimate needs

A professional caregiver is completely focused on the needs of seniors and offers them the attention they desire. They are devoted to their jobs with dignity and offer as much independence and privacy as their ability allows.

Professional home care assistance provides immediate support to the family caregiver

As we mentioned earlier that the Sandwiched generation has a lot of stuff going around. With their jobs, personal lives, and too little time family member’s attention is constantly diverting. They are not able to meet the justified demands of seniors. In such scenarios, professional caregivers take care of your loved one’s needs exactly the way you do while giving you time for other things.

Caregivers perform small gestures of affection towards seniors

Good home care in Baltimore Maryland comprises of an affectionate caregiver who makes senior’s house their home; they talk to them, have meals with them, read their favorite books, look at old albums with them and so much more. Basically, they do these everyday chores with them to erase the effect of isolation or loneliness – which most seniors suffer from. The social interaction keeps their minds active, sharp and makes them feel alive and loved.

Personal care improves overall health of seniors

The benefits of personal care on seniors are too prominent to ignore. They have seen doing well both mental and physical health wise in the presence of personal care. Seniors seem more attentive and connected to their environment. With a caregiver by side their routine gets better, which eventually promotes good health in their lives.

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